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Rolls Royce Solution

David Snowden - Thursday, October 01, 2015
How can you put a set of custom wheels on a Rolls Royce without the factory floating center piece!!!

Here at MINT we were fascinated with the way Rolls Royce engineered a floating center cap.  It seems we are the only ones that found a proper solution which integrated the factory cap into custom wheels.

Above you can see that we matched the MINT billet cap to the factory Black Kirsch paint.

Voila!  MINT caps ready to be put together after painted.  Caps ready to be finished to the customers likening. 
Keep checking back we will be posting a video of the car after the wheels are installed.

Customize your Ride Guide || Part Two

Jessica Palanjian - Thursday, June 12, 2014

MINT Wheels wants to provide you with an easy guide to Customizing Your Ride. Last week we covered Part One and this week we reveal Part Two:

5- Incorporate your personality

In your efforts to set your car apart, your best weapon is yourself. Infuse the unique elements of your personality into your customization.  Like we said before, we can personalize your wheels with company logos, monograms or color preferences, so that they’re MINTed exactly to your liking.

6- Accommodate luxury

Few of us have the budgets of a Shaq or a Rickey Henderson. But that doesn't mean that we should deprive ourselves of small luxuries entirely. For example, if you're a music fanatic, make that extra investment for a good sound system -- the pleasure that it adds to your drives will prove worthwhile.

7- Don't be scared to be subtle

Flash isn't everyone's style; some prefer a smoother approach. Many people equate customization with excess, and let themselves get lured into luxurious accessories that they may not really want. If subtlety is your thing, embrace it.  Our product will compliment your vehicle and help you achieve your desired look.

8- Keep it functional

Your ideal custom job will be unique, comfortable, accommodating, and reflective of your personality and lifestyle. But don't lose sight of the forest for the trees: Your car is there to get you from one place to another safely.   At MINT Wheels, we as committed to safety and quality as we are to style.  Translation:  You will be safe and look good all at once!


Customize your Ride Guide || Part One

Jessica Palanjian - Thursday, May 08, 2014
Between those tips offered by Pimp My RideOverhaulin'Monster Garage, and a slew of other similar programs, there's a lot of car customization information out there. From an entertainment perspective, this is a good thing. But for the guy or gal who's serious about beefing up his or her own ride, this glut of often contradictory resources can be a bit bewildering. So where does one go for straight, solid advice on modifying their ride? We know exactly who to turn to:  Alex Palanjian, founder of MINT Wheels.

Here is Part One of MINT'S Guide to Customizing your vehicle.

1- Employ contrast

You don't need multiple exterior colors to make your ride stand out. In fact, multiple colors often make a car look tacky. Instead, go for the simplicity of a two-tone contrasting. Two contrasting colors can look elegant and make the entire car pop at the same time.

2- Create unique wheels

Wheels are usually the first investment that a beginning customizer will make. The result is that everyone and his brother has a set of shiny wheels -- so if you are looking for an original look, you have come to the right place.  At MINT, we can customize your wheels with your own monogram or company logo.  The options are endless!

3- Don't shy away from color

Simplicity is always good, but if you have a favorite color, there's no reason to shy away from it. Remember that your car is first and foremost your car. Make your wishes a top priority as you approach your custom work.  We can customize your wheels with a varitey of color and finish options.  Here is a list of some of the options we offer:  MINT Finishes

4- Customize for your lifestyle

Your car is an integral part of your life; accordingly, it should suit your lifestyle. This might mean not sacrificing the practicality that comes with lots of trunk space (by filling it with a sound system, for example), or easing off on the power if you'll be sharing it with a younger driver.