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Customize your Ride Guide || Part Two

Jessica Palanjian - Thursday, June 12, 2014

MINT Wheels wants to provide you with an easy guide to Customizing Your Ride. Last week we covered Part One and this week we reveal Part Two:

5- Incorporate your personality

In your efforts to set your car apart, your best weapon is yourself. Infuse the unique elements of your personality into your customization.  Like we said before, we can personalize your wheels with company logos, monograms or color preferences, so that they’re MINTed exactly to your liking.

6- Accommodate luxury

Few of us have the budgets of a Shaq or a Rickey Henderson. But that doesn't mean that we should deprive ourselves of small luxuries entirely. For example, if you're a music fanatic, make that extra investment for a good sound system -- the pleasure that it adds to your drives will prove worthwhile.

7- Don't be scared to be subtle

Flash isn't everyone's style; some prefer a smoother approach. Many people equate customization with excess, and let themselves get lured into luxurious accessories that they may not really want. If subtlety is your thing, embrace it.  Our product will compliment your vehicle and help you achieve your desired look.

8- Keep it functional

Your ideal custom job will be unique, comfortable, accommodating, and reflective of your personality and lifestyle. But don't lose sight of the forest for the trees: Your car is there to get you from one place to another safely.   At MINT Wheels, we as committed to safety and quality as we are to style.  Translation:  You will be safe and look good all at once!