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Yard House...TAKE II

David Snowden - Wednesday, December 10, 2014
The founder of the popular restaurant, The Yard House, chooses MINT on all of his sleds.  Mr. Platt is a man of vision, as he created one of the world's most unique concepts in dining.  His restaurants boast a selection of over 250 drafts of beer, which can be served in the famous yard glass.  The yard glass stands 3 ft tall, hence its name and is sure to get the job done.  In his garage, we mounted his first set of wheels off his Mercedes S 550, a set of wheels influenced by the yard glass.  Each spoke is an exact replica of the yard glass with his company logo engraved at the end of each spoke.  When it came time for a new ride, he still had to keep 'em insight.
His new S class rides on 22" MINT X's with black chrome centers and chrome lips.

The center caps were engraved with his Yard House logo.

The Mint Wheels Collection

David Snowden - Tuesday, September 09, 2014
MINT Wheels are works of art custom tailored to your luxury vehicle and your personal style- all without compromising your vehicle’s performance. We showcase a variety of one, two and three-piece wheels with an endless array of color and finish options. Our master craftsmen are dedicated to both the technical and aesthetic details for a caliber of style, excellence, and performance that will always impress. From personalized monograms and corporate logos to custom caps, our exclusive line of wheels and accessories can be made to order for any application.

Customize your Ride Guide || Part One

Jessica Palanjian - Thursday, May 08, 2014
Between those tips offered by Pimp My RideOverhaulin'Monster Garage, and a slew of other similar programs, there's a lot of car customization information out there. From an entertainment perspective, this is a good thing. But for the guy or gal who's serious about beefing up his or her own ride, this glut of often contradictory resources can be a bit bewildering. So where does one go for straight, solid advice on modifying their ride? We know exactly who to turn to:  Alex Palanjian, founder of MINT Wheels.

Here is Part One of MINT'S Guide to Customizing your vehicle.

1- Employ contrast

You don't need multiple exterior colors to make your ride stand out. In fact, multiple colors often make a car look tacky. Instead, go for the simplicity of a two-tone contrasting. Two contrasting colors can look elegant and make the entire car pop at the same time.

2- Create unique wheels

Wheels are usually the first investment that a beginning customizer will make. The result is that everyone and his brother has a set of shiny wheels -- so if you are looking for an original look, you have come to the right place.  At MINT, we can customize your wheels with your own monogram or company logo.  The options are endless!

3- Don't shy away from color

Simplicity is always good, but if you have a favorite color, there's no reason to shy away from it. Remember that your car is first and foremost your car. Make your wishes a top priority as you approach your custom work.  We can customize your wheels with a varitey of color and finish options.  Here is a list of some of the options we offer:  MINT Finishes

4- Customize for your lifestyle

Your car is an integral part of your life; accordingly, it should suit your lifestyle. This might mean not sacrificing the practicality that comes with lots of trunk space (by filling it with a sound system, for example), or easing off on the power if you'll be sharing it with a younger driver.