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The founder of Mossimo clothing loves his MINTs.

David Snowden - Wednesday, December 18, 2013
When fashion mogul, Mossimo, was searching for the look he wanted, he turned to MINT to create his vision.  He started off by showing us some pictures of archaic military vehicles which rode on plain steel wheels.  We laughed and debated back and forth for roughly two weeks until he decided on what you see now.  If MINT can make one of the world's best clothing designers content, hopefully we can accommodate just about anyone.  Thanks Mossimo.

Mossimo's G Wagon fitted with 24" custom MINT Wheels with gloss black centers and matching lips.

Some specialty caps to put the icing on the cake...

More than meets the eye. As you can see, we wanted to run with simple styling, yet we were not happy with the weight.  So, we removed the dead weight from the backside of the center, and pocketed out as much excess material which could be safely removed to lighten these babies up!